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Master and Doctoral Program Organization

Programs have a specific transdisciplinary theme and provide a series of constructive online open courses that match the deep theme. International Lions University proposes creative, bottom-up constructive courses and NOT top-down expert courses because we believe in the potential of our student to develop new knowledge and their own expertise.

Creation of new, customized programs and degrees

Students may adopt one of the existing programs or they might want to create a new program that matches a new deep theme, provided that they get the support of a University structure such as a partner university or their International Lions University campus.

Connective Online Courses

International Lions University Offers 

An 18-Credit Graduate Certificate In Deep Education

  • A 32-credit Master Degree And A 72-Credit Ph.D. Degree Opens In 2017 On Some Campuses.

  • The programs consist of 3-credit courses composed of 3 modules each.

  • Each course counts 12 units plus 3 units for personal or team projects.

  • Each 4-unit module may be given by a different topic-facilitator

You work at your pace, have readings, videos, and slideshows, then fill out assignments and questions in a discussion list, get and provide feedback there. You may fill out an application form here.

Please register at least three months before starting the program.  REGISTRATION HERE

Deep Programs

The number of International Lions University programs will be growing with time, and there might be cross-section across program, as students may choose existing courses in another program if they perceive its relevance to their own program.

Category A. Programs currently being offered:

  1. Deep Education (DE)

  2. Deep Language Teaching and Learning (DLTL)

  3. Deep Higher Education (DHE)

  4. Deep Professional Development (DPD)

  5. Integrated Ceramic Studies (ICS)

Category B. Programs that will be offered later:

  1. Deep Accountability

  2. Deep Administration

  3. Deep Archaeology

  4. Deep Architecture

  5. Deep Arts

  6. Deep Business & Administration

  7. Deep Culture

  8. Deep Dance and Movement

  9. Deep Ecology

  10. Deep Economics

  11. Deep Engineering

  12. Deep Fundamental Research

  13. Deep Futurology

  14. Deep Government

  15. Deep Health

  16. Deep History

  17. Deep Humane Technologies

  18. Deep Human Ethical Genetics

  19. Deep Hydroelectric Conversions

  20. Deep Law

  21. Deep Literacy

  22. Deep Literature Studies

  23. Deep Mathematics

  24. Deep Memory

  25. Deep Mind/Body Connection

  26. Deep Music and Rhythms

  27. Deep Natural Chemistry

  28. Deep Natural Pharmacy

  29. Deep Non-Binary System Science

  30. Deep Philosophy

  31. Deep Physics

  32. Deep Psychology

  33. Deep Semiotics

  34. Deep Science

  35. Deep Solar Power

  36. Deep Start-Up Companies

  37. Deep Sustainable Companies

  38. Deep Sustainable Energies

  39. Deep Translation

  40. Deep Applied Wisdom

  41. Philanthropic Sports Management

  42. Serious Videogames for Peace

  43. Video for Deep Professional Development

Each program theme covers a series of course topics of deep nature. Deep University does not teach disciplinary contents, but contents in the light of transdisciplinary needs, that may be deeply human, philosophical, psychological, social, planetary.

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