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Admissions/Enrollment will start in the middle of 2018 when the planned programs have been approved by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board.

The following statements have an informational purpose and are not not meant to be advertisements:

  • Who may apply?

People may choose International Lions University for a variety of reasons. Deep philosophy is a primary reason. Some need to work from home, others live close to one of our campuses, or they might want mobility during their studies, a little like the Erasmus program offers in Europe, starting on one campus and experience life on other campuses and in other countries. Things that only the International Lions University network may allow, which is to study around the planet. Reasons for choosing International Lions University might be to target slow science with an integrated philosophy of life, opt for humanitarian causes and be engaged in society for the best.

Formal admission to a program will not be a requirement to start taking courses when they will be available after EAB approval. People might take several courses before deciding to get formally admitted for a degree. Then the courses they took may be transferred into the chosen program.

  • How to apply?

Student registrations are not yet open. You may fill out the inquiry form on this page and ask the questions you may have before applying for a specific program. Basically, we are planning to get approval from the Educational Approval Board of Wisconsin for three types of programs: Deep Education, Humanitarian Studies, and Open Project-based.

We may accept local residents as well as non-residents, and provide services without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, religion or national origin. To learn more, email us using the link below.

  • Applying to International Lions University Online

       (probably open in the middle of 2018 after EAB approval)

International Lions University intends to open online programs In the middle of 2018. More than 50% of its instructional activities will be online, therefore International Lions University will apply for inter-state approval and accreditation as a distance education institution.

It will be possible for wanna-be students and visitors to take Level 1 snap courses of their choice without applying formally to a specific program. When they apply, the relevant courses will be transferable into the program of their choice.

Applicants will have to submit an on-line application. Please carefully follow all instructions to ensure the timely processing of your application materials. Listed below are the required application materials. Application will cost $130. To complete the online application you will need:

  1. A valid email address

  2. Previous College information and original transcripts

  3. Additional information, such as articles or awards, may be included

  4. The application includes a statement section consisting of 2 parts; a statement of your Reasons for Graduate Studies and a section where you can list any additional information not requested elsewhere on this application, including additional schools, awards or journal articles etc.

You should prepare these separately and paste your text into the application. Please allow 30 to 60 minutes to complete the application.

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